Photo credit: Chris Berens. Alternatively, you could stack all the climbing sticks together and ratchet strap them together to carry them separately. Some examples from Muddy® include the Pro Climbing Sticks or Ascender sticks. Here are a few ideas for you as you prepare to go hunting. Remember that the majority of mature bucks are killed on your first sit, so mix up your locations and make this season a success. The plush Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity seat delivers the comfort you need as you wait for the perfect trophy to pass by your stand with the ability to flip the seat back for full platform use when needed. Paracord: Take some paracord and make a cobra weave around the platform of the stand. It is easy to set up and quick too. Any recommendations are appreciated. Before climbing the tree, tie off using a lineman’s belt to your safety harness. The more you hunt with this setup, the more you’ll consider fine-tuning your gear. Some climbers simply do not have the right design as far as teeth and foot straps to actually create a good climbing stand. Some of the stands were loud, some bulky, some heavy, most were uncomfortable; not to mention you couldn’t even climb but a fraction of them because you needed a straight tree. Muddy Outdoors is recognized across the hunting industry as a leader in outdoor lifestyle products.The premier manufacturer of hang-on, climber, and ladder stands, Muddy Outdoors is also the preeminent manufacturer of portable tripod and quadpod elevated platform stands for hunting, as well as the most feature-rich and rugged elevated box blinds on the market today. Below are some of the critical elements to making your hang and hunt experience a success. When you’re done for the day, you can pack it all back with you, since some public lands don’t allow you to keep stands on them. Aaron and Zach discuss the tree stand setup they use for hang and hunts on public land. Nailing down your system ahead of time is crucial to understanding how your stand goes up, and how to minimize the amount of time and noise that it takes to get it safely and securely in the tree. I prefer this over a ladder stand due to easy of set up and the ability to be 20-25ft up at the base of my stand. Another option they mention in the video above is a product called Stick Talons, which allows you to connect your climbing sticks to your stand platform in a few different configurations. Once you have your sticks and stand hung, tie off with a tether above your head before stepping in the stand. To get up into them, you need to attach several ladder sections (also called “climbing sticks”) to the tree – also using ratchet straps or rope. Again Muddy, with the hunter in mind, designed and created a climbing tree stand for public land hunting. Again, STAY ATTACHED TO THE TREE AT ALL TIMES, FIRST WITH LINEMAN’S BELT, THEN WITH THE TREE STRAP. If you’re bow hunting, you will need to be closer to the deer action than when hunting with a rifle or shotgun. only downfall is the muddys take 4 sticks to get to the same height as 3 LW's. Stealth Strips: This is an adhesive backing tape that you can add to your stand and sticks, that will again help with the cold and sound dampening. as it is built from Aluminum. There are multiple ways you can modify your setup to meet your needs, but there are a few tried and true methods that will work for every system. The Bloodsport stand weighs in at a total of 13 lbs. Muddy The Odyssey XTL Ladder Stand ... Hunt from Above with Treestands and Accessories. This portable universal hunting umbrella features straps and a design that can be used for any hunting setup. The Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks are hands down the best sticks I have ever used. With variations of climbing sticks. What do folks recommend. Stay dry with this easy to install portable camouflage hunting umbrella! You might be asking yourself, “Are lock on stands safe?” When used correctly, the answer is absolutely yes. I pair these sticks with the Muddy Vantage Point and the hang and hunt combination is deadly. There is no more stealthy way to hunt from an elevated position. Everything you need to hang and hunt from the most versatile, strongest, lightest and most quiet setup in the world. It’s not too late to use this hang and hunt setup and strategy this year. As you make your way up the tree, attach additional climbing sticks to whatever height you want to hang your stand at, making sure you thoroughly seat them on the tree by pushing down on them., Hang-on - These are more permanent fixtures, ones that you would apply to remote areas, or on private land that you own and hunt on. (7) See All Buying Options Add to My List ... Set up is NOT easy and requires at least 2 people. Of course, if you’re not comfortable using a ratchet strap because you think it will be too loud to operate, you could also use bungee cords or even rope to strap everything together. Adjustable backpack straps offer easy transport. It just might not be as quiet and secure. Of course, you also then need to know how to get in a hang on tree stand. You have a few options for carrying a tree stand and climbing sticks for a hang and hunt setup. Here’s the process they discussed broken down into several smaller steps. The one and only downfall is they only come in sets of four. Another option is to use ropes, but having them as close to your body as possible when climbing is the safest option. If you’re planning on only hunting a single afternoon on your own property, you don’t have to carry as much gear as you shouldn’t get lost and won’t need much. This year I’ll be testing several more … This approach makes no noise when you shake it, and you definitely won’t lose a climbing stick while walking in – plus, it leaves your hands free to carry your bow or rifle as you go just in case you get the chance to shoot a deer. Hello, I would like to get a hang on/ lock on stand. Public land walk in access would be needed as I dont have a boat.

muddy hang and hunt setup

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