*Ages: 4.5-15. Rustic Falls is located on an old dairy farm that used to be called Drumlin Farm. Campers learn about teamwork, environmental stewardship, math, science, the arts, carpentry, and more. Hours: 9am-3pm (extended hours: 8am-5pm; half-day sessions available). *Dates: June 29-August 14. Dates: Week-long day programs in June-August. Rate: $665 for full day week; $385 for half day week. *Ages: 6-13. We are local and go to Drumlin a lot. Sign up early! Rate: $530 (includes lunch). Learn. Summer Badge Program Earning System • How to earn a certificate: Subjects: stewardship, art, science, social studies, literacy, history Ages 5-10: 4 activities within a subject Ages 12 and up: 5 activities within a subject • How to earn a "badge": Sites: OARS, The Umbrella, The Lads Trust, Minute Man … The Service Barn began its life as a carriage barn for a large private estate, became a storage building for Drumlin Farm, and, with the addition of a passive solar, south-facing wall providing the necessary heat, a structure for drying and preserving produce as well. Campers explore creativity, teamwork, and leadership via programs that influence positive lifelong skills. *Ages: 12-16. All Drumlin Farm campers experience a working farm and wildlife sanctuary while they care for farm animals, practice sustainable farming, and observe native wildlife. Learn more >, Adventure through Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. Rates increase after 6/17/2020. Dates: July 1-August 1. Rate: Generous need-based sliding-scale from $1-375. Drumlin Farm Assabet River Camp (Sudbury) offers a unique blend of outdoor activities (e.g., canoeing, archery, fishing), wilderness skills including orienteering and shelter building, and hands-on exploration of the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. Open from sun up to sundown every day of the year with no admission fee for visits and purchases. Rate: $225-325 depending on full/half day and Mass Audubon member/nonmember status $280/$325. In addition to seasonal programs and events, Drumlin Farm offers a highly-rated Summer Camp and Vacation Week camps during school breaks. *Ages: Kindergarten to Calculus + SAT prep. Dates: June 22-August 28. Hours: 9am-3pm (extended hours: 8am-5pm). Traditional Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Ninjas in Nature Arts & Environment options available. In the field, apprentices work closely with the crops manager and learn sustainable methods of soil health maintenance, weed and pest control, and the production of a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers. Our flexible enrollment system allows you to register and pay for only the weeks you can attend. But then comes the blessed time of summer camp, when peace is restored for at least a few days. We offer sailing, paddling and windsurf lessons, STEM programs, games, and other activities to Greater Boston’s youth. non-member $685 Summer Camps at Drumlin Farm / 2012 Two Weeks Session 1, 2, or 3 Please note: The overnight will be the second Thursday of the session; camp … Cataumet, Massachusetts, United States Cape Cod. This year we’re launching Girls Design! In 'Wall Street 101' students will team up, create virtual stock portfolios, and measure performance. *Ages: 6-16. Dates: June 23-26. Dates: June 22-August 21. [Early bird discount until 2/15/2020.]. Dig, plant, weed and water. *Ages: 4 years-12th grade. Dates: June 15-August 21. “Camp Kesem provides a support network of people who know what it’s like when cancer turns your world upside down.”. Rate: $300/week. Campers have fun as they roast s’mores over open fires, sleep under the stars, sing silly songs, paddle around Hubbard Pond, make friends, and fall in love with nature. It provides a blend of cultural and social experiences with a wide variety of athletic activities. Hours: Varies by program; between 9am-6pm. Dates: July 27-August 7. We help kids expand their boundaries, manage anxiety, build self-esteem, make connections and have fun in a traditional camp environment. At Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Summer Day Camp, we develop an appreciation of nature. They respond to who she is and how she works.” —Parent Testimonial. Rate: $2350; includes housing, meals, field trips and tuition. Virtual SPACE (virtual) is a four-week enrichment program specifically designed to enable campers to explore, learn, and connect with their peers under the guidance of highly qualified educators.
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