Phone:217-234-5253 Phone:217-234-5300, Office: Health ServicesWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5042 Phone:217-234-5403 Phone:217-234-5309 Location: Our experiential education program helps students graduate with little to no debt., Office: Grant OfficeWebsite: Visit, Office: Marketing and Public RelationsWebsite: Visit Admission to the college does not ensure entrance into a particular course or program of study since applicants may have to meet specific requirements for entrance into certain programs. Phone:217-234-5382 Phone:217-235-1282 Location:Field House 004, Office: TRiO Destination CollegeWebsite: Visit 5001 Lake Land Blvd . Services are available virtually and on a limited basis on campus., Office: Financial Aid and Veterans ServicesWebsite: Visit Each student comes to Lakeland with a different set of financial circumstances. The general admission policy of the college does not ensure admittance to a particular course or program. New admission is often granted continually throughout the year. Location:Luther Student Center 202, Office: TRiO Student Support ServicesWebsite: Visit Email: Office: Emergency Medical ServicesWebsite: Visit Location:Workforce Development Summary . Please note that many Lakelanders are working remotely., Office: Student AccommodationsWebsite: Visit 5001 Lake Land Blvd. Phone: Phone Number: 217-234-5253. Phone:217-234-5233 217-234-5253 (Main) or. And that’s what the top employers are looking for: the top learners. Are you … Adult Education. Location:Luther Student Center 028 Phone: Location:Northeast Classroom Building 057 Location:Webb Hall 022 Contact Information. Applicant COVID-19 FAQ. Phone:217-234-5048 Lakeland University is a private liberal arts college in Sheboygan, Wisconsin focused on innovating the way higher education is offered. Academic Affairs. Florida Southern College, a selective liberal arts college, Admissions Office is here to help prospective students. Location:Luther Student Center 501, Office: Partnership for College & Career SuccessWebsite: Visit Location:Luther Student Center 203 Visit. Phone:217-234-5288 Location:Webb Hall 024 At Lakeland, we know higher education is a considerable investment. Email: Office: Human ResourcesWebsite: Visit Location:Luther Student Center 435 Location:Webb Hall 020 Location:Webb Hall 027 Phone:217-234-5276 Our admissions process looks at more than just academic achievement, we focus on the whole student and how we can help them succeed., Office: Counseling ServicesWebsite: Visit 920-565-1021. Advancement. Location:Lensink Hall 001 Email: Office: BookstoreWebsite: Visit Phone:217-238-8260 Contact an Enrolment Specialist., Office: AssessmentWebsite: Visit ... or the menu above to link to all the admission sections. Phone:217-234-5044 5001 Lake Land Blvd. 217-234-5214., Office: Math & Science DivisionWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5208 Phone:217-234-5440, Office: Career ServicesWebsite: Visit, Office: Agriculture DivisionWebsite: Visit Phone:217-238-2705217-238-2704 Phone:217-238-8260 Location:West Building 026 The school utilizes a semester-based academic year. Location:Northeast Classroom Building 059 Phone:217-234-5066 Phone:217-234-5044 Phone:217-234-5232 ... Lakeland College 5707 College Drive Vermilion, AB, T9X 1K5. Phone:217-234-5261 Phone:217-234-5367 Contact Us Privacy Policy Accessibility Location:Northwest Classroom Building 116, Office: Dental ClinicWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5285, Office: Community LearningWebsite: Visit, Office: Admissions and RecordsWebsite: Visit In addition to the view, you’ll enjoy getting to know our caring faculty and staff, as well as see first hand the technology and state-of-the-art environment that awaits you. Phone:217-234-5376 Location:Board and Administration Center 005, Office: PathwaysWebsite: Visit, Office: Print ShopWebsite: Phone:217-234-5410 Phone:217-234-5277 Location:Learning Resource Center Location:Luther Student Center 512 Email: Office: Student Life/ActivitiesWebsite: Visit Admissions and Records. Email. Phone:217-234-5341, Office: Police Department - Non-emergenciesWebsite: Visit Main Campus: W3718 South Drive. Phone:217-234-5456 Lake Land College is a public institution in Mattoon, Illinois. From the moment you enroll at Lake Forest College, you’re assigned to an Academic and Career Advisor, whose job is learn all about you—what you love doing, what you think you might be good at—and find ways to get to where you want to land after graduation., Office: International StudiesWebsite: Visit 217-234-5434. Location: Mattoon, IL 61938 217-234-5253. Location:Northwest Classroom Building 023 5001 Lake Land Blvd Mattoon,IL 61938 (217) 234-5253 Office: Accounting/Tuition & Fees PaymentWebsite: Location:Lensink Hall 006, Office: PerkinsWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5249 Location:Learning Resource Center 061 If you'd rather talk to someone, then contact an enrolment specialist. Lakeland College is taking proactive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Location:Learning Resource Center Phone:217-234-5370 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM. Location:Workforce Development Contact Us Privacy Policy Accessibility Phone:217-234-5434 Location:Neal Hall 001 Copyright © 2020 Lake Land College Illinois . Research Programs. Location:Webb Hall 035 We have implemented several safety precautions to protect your health and safety. Email: Office: Information Systems and ServicesWebsite: Visit Phone:217-238-8292 Lake Land College. Lakeland also offers seven different center locations across Wisconsin. Lake Land College . You can also connect with our individual departments. Location:Luther Student Center 512 . Phone. Phone:217-234-5231 Location:Luther Student Center 424 Location:West Building 010, Office: Honors ExperienceWebsite: Visit Location:Workforce Development 054 Location:Luther Student Center 414, Office: High School CounselorsWebsite: Visit Address: 5001 Lake Land Boulevard, Mattoon, Illinois 61938. Lake Land College students, employees, and website visitors may notify us of a correction using our contact us page., Office: President's OfficeWebsite: Visit, Office: Cosmetology ClinicWebsite: Visit Phone:217-540-3555, Office: Dual Credit ProgramWebsite: Visit Office: Western Region CenterWebsite: Visit Luther Student Center 418. It’s easy to become a Laker! Location:Luther Student Center 434 Location:Board and Administration Center Location:Webb Hall 005 Dallas College offers you a great value: quality instruction, seven campuses in Dallas County plus online classes, and a cost of only $79 per credit hour for residents of Texas who reside in Dallas County. Office: Board of TrusteesWebsite: Visit Its campus is located in a town with a total enrollment of 4,583. Admissions. ), please contact the student service center at 440.525.7050. Phone:217-234-5088 While our campuses are closed to the public, we're still taking your calls at our toll-free number 1 800 661 6490. Phone:217-234-5301 920-565-1023. It’s why we work to make yours the most comfortable investment you can make by providing helpful financial aid services. Virtual Info Session - Admissions Process. Location:West Building 018 Phone:217-826-8490 Mattoon, IL 61938 217-234-5253, Copyright © 2020 Lake Land College Illinois, Student Handbook and Right to Know Information, Kluthe Center for Higher Education & Technology, Workforce Development Center – Mattoon, IL. This is the Lake Land College Baseball scholarship and program information page., Office: Placement TestingWebsite: Visit Location:West Building 080 Application Process. Our knowledgeable enrollment representatives can provide information about our programs and classes, the admission process, financial aid options and more. Lakeland Community College Online Application Download Printable Application for Admissions (PDF) A non-refundable fee is required and will be applied at the time of course registration., Office: Business DivisionWebsite: Visit, Office: AthleticsWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5222 Open admission colleges typically have few admission thresholds and will admit all applicants so long as certain minimum requirements are met. Phone:217-234-5333 Lakeland College Email: Office: Laker Food PantryWebsite: Visit Admissions Step-By-Step. Location: Phone:217-234-5363 Preference must be given to qualified in-district students and those students from qualified regional programs., Office: Library - Circulation DeskWebsite: Visit Location:Webb Hall 035 5001 Lake Land Blvd. Location:Luther Student Center 404 Phone:911 Thursday, December 3, 2020. Phone:217-238-8383 Phone:217-234-5331 Plymouth, WI 53073 (920) 565-1000 Phone:217-234-5339, Office: Library - Reference DeskWebsite: Visit We are so glad you are interested in Lake Land College! Location:600 East First St. Pana, IL 62557 All the steps a prospective student should go through before applying starting with admission requirements, subject & grade equivalencies, English language proficiency and entrance testing., Office: Alumni AssociationWebsite: Visit Call (847) 543-2090. Phone:217-234-5301 If you are coming to campus. Location:Workforce Development We are pleased to offer a number of scholarships and financial opportunities to help students of all backgrounds have a college experience., Office: Social Science DivisionWebsite: Visit First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Confirm Email Address * ... Lake Land College. Office: HousingWebsite: Visit Status - Space Available. Phone:217-234-5348 Location:1204 Network Center Blvd., Effingham, IL 62401 The more you learn, the better you get at learning. Lloydminster Campus. ... Lake Land College. If you continue to see this message contact ISS at 217-234-5261 or email at Services are available virtually and on a limited basis on campus. Phone:217-234-5420 Mattoon, IL 61938 217-234-5253, Copyright © 2020 Lake Land College Illinois, Kluthe Center for Higher Education & Technology, Workforce Development Center – Mattoon, IL. Phone:217-234-5264 Location:Workforce Development 053 Step 1: Complete an application online and submit a $35 application fee online (non-refundable). Email: 5001 Lake Land Blvd. Lakeland provides traditional undergraduate, graduate, and online college programs through its main campus. Finally, if you need to update any of your information (address, phone number, degree/certificate, name, etc. Mattoon, IL 61938-9366 . Phone:217-562-5000 Office: Kluthe Center for Higher Education & TechnologyWebsite: Visit Location:Luther Student Center 069 Location:Webb Hall 052 Phone:217-234-5032, Office: Allied Health DivisionWebsite: Visit, Office: FoundationWebsite: Visit, Office: Adult EducationWebsite: Visit 5001 Lake Land Blvd. Admissions Step-by-Step. Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ♦ Summer Term: Monday – Thursday only, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lake Land College maintains an open-door admission policy that provides access to higher education for those individuals who can benefit from our comprehensive programs. Call 217-234-5434 or email (Hint: If you are a Lake Land College dual credit student, you already have a Laker Profile!) Office: IDOT/QCQAWebsite: Visit 217-234-5434 (Admissions) or email us. Location:Webb Hall 022 Location:Luther Student Center Phone:217-234-5401 Email: Office: Police Department - Main LineWebsite: Visit Location:Luther Student Center 414, Office: Traffic Safety ProgramWebsite: Visit Location:West Building 016 You can define success in your own way by choosing one of our 150 majors, gaining personalized, hands-on learning experiences and becoming involved in a multitude of Student Life opportunities. Admission Office Location:Luther Student Center 443 General Information: Location: Building A, Room A-1002 : Phone: 440.525.7100: Fax: 440.525.7651 : Email: Hours: Hours of Operation Location:Luther Student Center 920-565-1022. Office: Police Department - EmergenciesWebsite: Lakeland College offers a university-calibre college education through a variety of college programs specializing in leading learning opportunities & hands-on, live the learning, delivery. Mattoon, IL 61938 217-234-5253. Location:224 South Sixth Street, Marshall, IL 62441 Virtual Info Session - Paying for College. Set on 317 partially-wooded acres, our campus is beautiful! Phone:217-234-5259 Here you'll have access to information about the school and details on their Baseball program like who to make contact with about recruitment, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities are available and how to begin the recruiting process., Office: Institutional ResearchWebsite: Visit You can also see the Lake Land College campus setting and nearby attractions in satellite or street view mode. The first step is to create your Laker Profile then submit the free Intent to Enroll Form. Lake Land College is an open admission policy institution. Contact Admissions Important COVID-19 Update Test-Optional Policy - UHCL has approved a temporary test-optional policy to waive the ACT/SAT requirements for fall … Visit. Lakeland Community College | 7700 Clocktower Drive | Kirtland, Ohio 44094-5198 | 440.525.7000 | 1.800.589.8520 © Copyright 2015 Lakeland Community College | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Assurance ; Apply Now | Contact Us | Site Map | Help Desk | Feedback/Complaint | Accessibility, Office: Technology DivisionWebsite: Visit Location:Field House 116, Office: Tutoring and Testing CenterWebsite: Visit Our staff are also answering email. Office: Student Fitness CenterWebsite: Visit Copyright © 2020 Lake Land College Illinois . Office: Eastern Region CenterWebsite: Visit We have implemented several safety precautions to protect your health and safety. If you are coming to campus, 224 South Sixth Street, Marshall, IL 62441, 1204 Network Center Blvd., Effingham, IL 62401, 5001 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, Illinois 61938. Location:Luther Student Center 418 Admissions. Step 2: Submit official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended to Lakeland University Note: Students who have NOT completed 12 transferrable credits MUST submit official high school transcripts. Location:West Building 008 Phone:217-234-5448 Required fields are displayed in yellow. Phone:217-234-5432 Call us at 972-669-6400 for questions about enrollment, admissions and registration. 5001 Lake Land Blvd., Office: Center for Business and IndustryWebsite: Visit Phone:217-234-5214 Admission Office 5001 Lake Land Boulevard Mattoon, IL 61938-9366 (217) 234-5434 Fax: (217) 234-5390 [email protected] Contact: Jon VanDyke Dean of Admission Services Main Address 5001 Lake Land Boulevard Mattoon, IL 61938-9366 (217) 234-5253 5001 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, Illinois 61938.
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