Your email address will not be published. Avoid overwatering palm plants as it may result in root rot, other diseases and may even die. Care: Rhapis excelsa grows easily with least care as it is very adaptable to a wide range of climate, soil and environment. Can be left out in cold weather, too! Rhapis excelsa is a fan palm. Secret of the Orient, dwarf Rhapis excelsa: A "lady palm" reference, including standard Rhapis excelsa and other Rhapis palms Price: $ 18.56 in stock Buy Now on Amazon. How to grow rhapis in a pot. Before you send a houseplant care question, please be sure to read this information on watering your indoor house plants, how to help keep your your indoor house plants root system healthy and lighting for your indoor house plants and flowers. Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa Common Name: Lady Palm Plant Origin: Taiwan Rhapis, aka Lady Palm, features broad, glossy, dark green, fan-shaped foliage on tall stalks; sturdy stems are covered with a coarse, dark brown fibrous casing for a unique and exotic appearance Potted in an exclusive neutral-toned, versatile planter with ribbed border detail at rim and contoured base … Lady Palm Lady Palm Features: An Overview. Peace Lily is an easy houseplant to grow but will wilt quickly if let to dry too much. Rhapis Palm. Within months time the plant matures and produces yellow fragrant flowers. Here are some tips on how to care and maintain your Rhapis palm. In the right growing environment, this glossy palm can grow up to 4 m in height with the stems having a maximum diameter of 30 mm. Travel a lot or can't keep plants alive? Shade tolerant, making it ideal for homes and offices. Choose a lady palm variety to grow them from seed indoors. Dwarf lady palm is native to Southeast Asia, and is less hardy than most other lady palms. Mar 9, 2019 - Start growing rhapis palm plants in pots or outdoors that monitors your health by purifying surrounding atmosphere. The Rhapis palm (Rhapis excelsa) is an interesting plant that can be kept indoors. It can also be grown indoors, both in homes and offices. This palm as is the case with most Rhapis species is an understorey plant so for best results a partially shaded spot … Rhapis Palms will tolerate lower light and temperatures than many other palms, making it a good choice for the home or office. Use a palm fertilizer once in a year as per the instructions. In fall and winter, allow the soil to dry to a depth of two inches. How much water, and how much sunlight? Take the boring out of bathing. They were first collected by the Japanese for Tokugawa shogunate palaces, then popularity … Visit Clean Line Soap Co. for vibrant soaps to brighten up your shower, buttery bath bombs to soften your baths and skin, and that's just to start! This exceptional palm is used worldwide and delivers elegance, beauty, and versatility to any interior setting. In lower to medium light, water Rhapis palm when the potting soil has dried about one-half to three-fourths the depth of the potting media. The leaves are divided into five to 12 blunt-ended pieces and its stems are clothed in a brown fibrous sheath like hessian. Propagating lady palm tree from stem cuttings or baby plants is easy than growing from seeds which take much time to germinate, mature and to grow vigorously. Pruning is done to keep the palm plant healthy. If your palm plant is too weak,  add mulches like dead leaves or ripen fruits-vegetables at the base of the plant to retain soil moisture levels. This plant is another fan type of palm that can be grown indoors. Spacing should be 15-20 inches apart between each plant when you prefer outdoors. This palm as is the case with most Rhapis species is an understorey plant so for best results a partially shaded spot under trees or a pergola is ideal. Delivery where you need them to go. Forest and Kim Starr, CC-BY-2.0, via Flickr. Each leaf is about 20 in. The broadleaf lady palm (Rhapis excelsa) is a small cultivated palm tree species native to regions of Southern China and Taiwan.Unlike many tropical palms, however, you won’t find this species growing in the wild. Rhapis excelsa is very adaptable to soil types although neutral to slightly acid soils with good drainage and organic matter is recommended for best results. In lower to medium light, water when the potting soil has dried almost completely to the bottom. Remove the plant from its container, try to avoid disturbing the roots excessively. Increase the size of the pot every year to ensure the plant growth at outdoors. View gallery. Make sure the plant is well fed during the summer and adequately watered (although no palm should sit in water, so remember to pay attention to … This glossy, green palm house plant is durable and tolerates low light. Questions about plants and pet safety? If you find the plant with brown tips then immediately water the plant.  Give more water than normal for few more weeks until the brown tips on leaves may disappear. RHAPIS PALM BOOK "Secret of the Orient" by Lynn McKamey is a 52 page reference to all types of "Lady Palms" including standard Rhapis excelsa and other species. Here is a medium size rhapis palm that we place and care for, bringing a little of the tropics to your work space: Medium size rhapis palm: Everything Grows places rhapis palms as large as 10-12 feet tall. Zones 10 … The lady palms tend to be expensive because the genus produces male and female flowers on seperate plants, which presents a real problem as there are no known female plants of Rhapis Humilis (the smaller variety) In zone 11, Rhapis survives only in shade with lots of water. Lady palms come from China and are some of the easiest palms to grow. Common Name: Lady Palm. Rhapis palms are great plants for the casual palm-lover with moderate space. The lady palm is a high maintenance plant that loves moisture. Rhapis Palm - Rhapis excels The Rhapis or Lady Palm is a densely clustering, deep green fan palm, it grows to 3-4 metres, has a long life, and is slow growing. Make sure you do not apply fertilizers in the winter season. Ads help to keep my house plant care website up and running. Lady Palm Care Indoors. Required fields are marked *. However, you will need to stick to the specific requirements to enhance its growth, especially when you decide to grow it inside your house. A fairly easy houseplant, Sansevieria plant does not need much care. An artificial plant is just what you need. In the right growing environment, this glossy palm can grow up to 4 m in height with the stems having a maximum diameter of 30 mm. In a bright light placement, water when the potting media has dried down about 1/2 of its total depth. Thanks for your support and thanks for visiting! Lady palms are hardy in the USDA region of 8-12. The fan-shape leaves are divided into three to 12 segments.
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