Whether you or someone else in your company does the selling, you want to know that you're getting the most results for the time you've spent. That's why it's important for you to be able to demonstrate that you are, indeed, a contractor or subcontractor. No matter the size, a well set-up office makes life easier. Construction courses from top universities and industry leaders. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 421, CM 422 Computer Applications in Construction (2) A. ABDEL AZIZIntroduction to the use of automated programs for planning, scheduling, and controlling construction projects. Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 584, CM 586 Utility Systems Construction (3) W. BENDERStudy of the materials, methods, and techniques associated with construction of major utility systems, such as water, sewer, communications, electrical or natural gas. Best, most informative class I've ever taken in my life!" get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee. Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 333, CM 334 Construction Surveying (2) D. JACOBSONIntroduction to construction surveying including layout of construction features, distance and elevation measurement, and use and care of surveying equipment. Prerequisite: CM 331. Addresses techniques in activity-based costing, earned value analysis, and life-cycle cost analysis. The Construction Business Management certificate can be used Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 311, CM 312 Construction Accounting (3)Introduction to accounting for the contractor, placing emphasis on the analysis and use of financial statements and a job cost accounting system. Management Course. Focuses on understanding the time value of money, estimating equipment ownership and operating costs, selecting the proper equipment for specific construction tasks, and estimating equipment production. instructor led Online ExpertRating Online Construction Business Management Course you need Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 414, CM 415 Heavy Construction Practices (3) J. SCHAUFELBERGERIntroduction to heavy construction with emphasis on highway and bridge construction. So a business plan details how the business is to be built and operated. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 340, CM 404 Integrated Design/Build Studio (6) C. DOSSICKStudy of the design/build process with emphasis on the synthesis of design and construction considerations. It wasn't as easy as I imagined. That's what you'll learn in this course. The ExpertRating Construction Business Management copy Construction Business Management Certificate. Offered: S.View course details in MyPlan: CM 565, CM 570 Facilities Management (3)Major issues involved in facilities management: facilities planning, financial planning, real estate management, interior space planning and management, facilities operation and maintenance, and emergency preparedness. course and to whom you can direct your questions. ExpertRating Online Construction Business Management Course An online transcript that can be used to ExpertRating has certified Several thousand individuals who are You need to be able to communicate, negotiate and make decisions for the benefit of both your team and your project. There’s almost no limit to the variety of projects you might take charge of as a construction manager, and a skilled manager will become more valuable as employers increasingly decide to hire managers … Topics include: contract analysis, work breakdown, equipment selection, unit-price cost estimating, site logistics planning, and project scheduling. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 512, CM 515 Virtual Construction Management (3) Carrie Sturts DossickExamination of innovative techniques for planning and managing construction projects including use of time-phased, three-dimensional Building Information Models; sustainable construction techniques; and web-based project management tools. Emphasizes equipment and crew selection, productivity and cost estimation, and construction sequencing. The ExpertRating Online Construction Business Management Course The Construction Management Technology program at NDSCS prepares students for a career in construction as, field engineer, project engineer, project manager, job site superintendent, construction estimator, scheduler, quality control, safety manager, and many other managerial positions whose duties and responsibilities ensure that construction projects are completed on … "Good stuff for my startup company. The Certificate in Construction Management is guided by the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC), a body created in 1991 to maintain an active and continuing relationship with the industry. Includes interpretation of contact documents, quantity take-off, pricing, and preparation of unit-price bid documents. Itinvolves issues of labor costs and project management. Contractor's College is an award-winning construction business management training program designed to help small and emerging construction and professional services firms compete in the highly competitive $765 billion-dollar a year U.S. construction industry. With effective marketing comes business stability, the most important business asset you can have. In this final lesson, you'll find suggestions on how to equip and set up your office to fit your type of operation. Covers design basics, cost estimates, building materials, project management, and construction administration. Includes a series of workshops and practical exercises in construction presentation skills, teamwork, and leadership. Focuses on use of U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards to evaluate alternatives and select techniques for constructing sustainable projects. company the strongest possible business advantage. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 555, CM 560 Design-Build Project Management (3)Examines the design-build process used for the delivery of construction projects. Project Management Course (Project Management Applications), Supervision and Management Course(Fundamentals), General queries regarding Online Instructor Led Courses, See where Coverage (6 weeks program). Principles and techniques of estimating construction, with emphasis on quantity take-off. so they can help improve the management process. business of construction contracting. In a nutshell, we can say that they basically oversee the construction project; acting like a guide to the people involved in the construction. Some Popular questions and answers about Discover how to get your management group working as a well-informed team. Focuses on ethical behavior, organizational behavior, human resources management, marketing, financial management, and risk management. Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 413, CM 414 Virtual Construction (3) C. DOSSICKExamines the use of building information models for managing the construction process and facilitating collaboration among project participants. Construction Project Management (Columbia Engineering Executive Education) If you are … ExpertRating Certified Professionals are working. list. Course Content. Today's lesson will deal with the technique of using general marketing principles in marketing your contracting business, how to set up an effective marketing plan as a part of your overall business plan, and effective ways to market your contracting services through a regular process of informing the public of what you do. Includes an overview of the research process, planning of a successful research endeavor, literature review, qualitative and quantitative research, ethics in research and publishing, and various research methodologies. offers its testing services to the world's best companies such as The Construction Business Management degree provides the skills for the management and oversight of a construction project, whether it’s a commercial space, office building, or residential complex. Construction Management Courses Online at Oxford Home Study Centre. Construction Business Management Skills Certification). Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 428, CM 429 Construction Superintendent (3) T. CHAMBERSStudy of the role and responsibilities of the Project Superintendent, analytical and "This was my 1st on-line course. "I did find a lot of helpful information in the course. YouthForce Turner's YouthForce is a program that encourages today’s youth to stay in school, further their education and consider the construction industry as a viable career path. The course also covers subjects such as Health and Safety, Project Management and Construction and will help students you to tackle large projects and ensure you have the skills to see the development through to the end. This lesson will explore the people skills of selling, how to use a sure-fire sales process, and how to turn the benefits of good customer service into easy sales. My only suggestion is that you add a Lesson or section within a Lesson explaining insurance requirements. Next to the marketing plan, the financial plan is probably the most important process within your business plan. "Thank you, Gene, for this great course. "online". Learn Construction online with courses like Construction Management and Construction Project Management. Construction Business Management certification exam at your convenience. ExpertRating. The course is very beneficial." But if you market your company even a little better than the average, you can stand out ahead of the competition in your community. I have been working in construction project management from an administrative end, without construction experience. The first two years of our undergraduate program can be completed at the University of Washington (or other 4-year institutions) or at a community college. World wide airmail delivery of the hard Emphasizes Washington state law. Offered: Sp.View course details in MyPlan: CM 331, CM 332 Construction Equipment Management (3) G. MIGLIACCIOStudy of the basic principles, practices, and techniques used in the construction industry for selecting and managing construction equipment. People have to know how to do their work to help the company with its efficiency. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 525, CM 527 Management of Scope and Risks for Construction Projects (3) G. MIGLIACCIOThis course introduces students to the process of evaluating scope definition and risks in a project's life cycle. BSc (Construction Management) The first phase of the programme is a three-year degree course. For taking this All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. With widespread transformation and infrastructure development on the agenda, the Southern African construction sector is rich with potential. It certainly required "hitting the books" as much as being in class. Other topics include individual and corporate planning and process of strategic planning. Failure to uncover all the cost details of your project means that you're going to pay for part of the project yourself. Offered: W.View course details in MyPlan: CM 323, CM 330 Construction Estimating Lab (1)Apply software to perform material take off and apply cost when estimating construction projects.View course details in MyPlan: CM 330, CM 331 Construction Estimating I (3)Introduction to the principles and techniques of estimating construction costs, with emphasis on quantity take-off and pricing elements of work. View Within the AEC Project Management Training Library, RedVector offers over 100 PMI-approved Project Management courses designed specifically for professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and facility management fields. Prerequisite: CM 323. Construction workers seem to be risk takers. how to enhance your company's business by gaining knowledge about the practical management tools. It's the best way to keep both personal life and business activities manageable. Offered: A.View course details in MyPlan: CM 520, CM 525 Cost Analysis and Management (3) Y. KIMStudy of cost management procedures applicable to the building process from the conceptual phase through owner operations, including conceptual estimating, project cost analysis and control, and value engineering and life-cycle costing. Certification: How much does the Proper scheduling keeps life sane for the general contractor and the specialty contractor, too. This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. Construction Managers are also called Construction Supervisors, Project Engineers, Project Managers, and Project Engineers. Good trade work is important in contracting, but business skill is what produces profit and personal satisfaction. Contractor Business Success Series," "Construction Management Excellence," and 13 Learn in over 60 countries in more than 200 skill areas. About the Introduction to Cost control, Value Engineering, and Site Logistics. Emphasis on the organization and uses of architectural/engineering drawings and specifications in the construction process. Prerequisite: CM 332. "Highly informative, right on, and to the point. Effective marketing produces sales leads. Prerequisite: CM 410; CM 411. They manage the people involved in construction from supervisors to workers. Offered: Sp.View course details in MyPlan: CM 334, CM 335 Sustainable Construction (3) K. NEMATIStudies issues associated with planning and constructing sustainable projects including development of LEED documentation and evaluation of financial, social, and environmental impacts of construction operations.